December 16 2019 gemini astrology

Daily Horoscopes: December 16, 2018
Horoscope Compatibility Meter The moon is in your sign today, Aries, asking you to feel your feelings—and tend to them! You do everything speedily, but need to slow down for your own sake. Important plans are made today.

The moon in Aries finds you eager to move toward your career goals. The moon is in fellow fire sign Aries today, Leo, encouraging you to keep an open mind—just watch out for some scheduling frustrations this afternoon! Solid plans ands ideas are shared today, Virgo. The moon in Aries also finds you in a very emotionally intense mood—make time to dive deep into these feelings today.

The moon is in your opposite sign Aries, and things are busy in your relationships today.

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Those Geminis who are looking for jobs will be able to get employment towards the end of the month. Health: Close. Powerful eclipses are falling across your financial axis, leading to massive shifts in how you make money, how you spend money, and how you save money. If you have been too optimistic or greedy in relationships, you may get some signals that it is time to think more of the other person. Kindli is also employed for matching the compatibility of prospective marriage partners. A more philosophical and spiritual outlook will improve your prospects. What's that mean for you?

Your ruling planet Venus connects with Saturn this morning, finding you focused on security. The moon in Aries finds you eager to get organized and accomplish your tasks. What's in the stars for you in December?

Gemini Daily Horoscope

Read your monthly horoscope here. On weekends, joining more social activities will help you make more friends. Maybe your suitable person is one of them. I was born 14 Jan I will start a new job in different country in Sept. Q: Will I be successful in this job for longer time years or I should search a new job soon? I have had other new interviews and I wait answer from that companies too.

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I do not want to hurry but also I do not want to lose other not really good job offer. I have a long relationship many years but I am still single.

Will it be changed soon or this will be just friendship forever? Well, according to this situation, you need to follow your heart. You are suggested to find a job that you are interested in.

At the mean time, you also have the abilities to handle the work tasks. Sometimes, you are suggested to behave bravely to express your true feelings. Don't miss the soul mate because of hesitation. To be honest, based on the prediction, you won't have many luck in your career this year.

Gemini Horoscope 12222: What the Stars Predict for You This Year

There won't have enough changes. Thus you need to find ways to make some breakthroughs. In this way, you may finally get some successes. I want to know about my marriage prediction..

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The prediction shows that September will be a lucky month for you in your love and relationship. You may face several interesting people. If you find the someone, you need to take the positive attitude and express your true feelings. In addition, the early would be also a good time for you to find the soul mate. Don't worry.